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You've got talent — now what?

It's time to get noticed with LinkedInBuilder:

  • Go beyond your resume and show the BIG picture

  • Amp up your LinkedIn ranking and expand your professional network

  • Tell the story of your experience, achievements, and skills

  • Boost your visibility to top-tier recruiters

Break Down Doors And Get Connected!

By the time you receive your profile overhaul and read our free guide, you'll be calling yourself a LinkedIn Dynamo. Our goal at LinkedInBuilder is to give you the tools you need to leverage LinkedIn for success. Unlike other services that offer “one-stop” service, we won't compromise your privacy or security by logging into your account – be wary of any service that does!

Equally important to security; we understand that your LinkedIn profile is fluid. LinkedInBuilder wants to empower and educate you on how operate your profile and all of its features – plus give you the writing expertise you need to hit the ground running. That's why we've created our free do-it-yourself guide to understanding LinkedIn to accompany your brand new, polished text.

Let us bring your professional brand into focus with a structured LinkedIn profile. Our insider edge and cross-industry expertise will fuse your career aspirations with a killer online presence. We'll do more than help you market yourself— we'll drive your professional image forward with tips, tricks, and hints about the pitfalls that can get in the way of your success.

What's Included?

  • ADVANCED Structured LinkedIn Profile

  • FREE 24-page How-To Guide, Leveraging The Power of LinkedIn™

  • FREE 7-page LinkedIn™ Instructional step-by-step Guide

  • One-on-one service with an engaging Profile Builder

  • Fast delivery and straightforward instructions

What's in the Free Guides?
How to...

  • Maximize your profile visibility

  • Manage privacy and other settings

  • Add information to increase contact and opportunities

  • Valuable information on membership pricing

  • Demystify LinkedIn's lingo

  • Manage endorsements and recommendations

  • ...And more!

"Joe did a wonderful job helping me with my resume and linkedin profile. I'm very happy with the end product, especially the linkedin profile. People really underestimate the power of linkedin these days. Since I posted my new profile just 8 days ago, I've seen a 20% increase in profile views. Thank you so much!"
- Brenda R.

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