Frequently Asked Questions

Position your LinkedIn Profile for Success

What are the credentials of your writers?

The writing team at LinkedInBuilder consists of professionals with a background in some of the nation's leading recruitment companies and Fortune 500 organizations. Beyond cutting-edge LinkedIn familiarity, our writing team maintains exceptional experience in the development of resumes, cover letters, and associated job application services. As a result, we design your LinkedIn content with heightened awareness and familiarity with the entire collection of your professional brand.

What advantage does LinkedInBuilder offer opposed to completing my own profile?

Our writers approach your profile building process with a focus on the most recent and critical LinkedIn developments. As professionals with direct background in hiring, the contemporary job market, and networking processes, we provide the inside edge to ensure your content shines amongst the densely populated LinkedIn community. We're here not just to create a profile but also, more importantly, to create a brand that will drive your success within the LinkedIn network. We deliver content that powerfully engages recruiters and draws the interests of fellow professionals.

How are you different from other LinkedIn profile makeover services?

LinkedInBuilder was founded with today's average LinkedIn user in mind. We take pride in watching the progression of your profile as we paint a dynamic picture of your career background and ambitions. Whereas other services are satisfied with slightly reshaping your content and sending you on your way, we're here to make sure you not only receive top quality content but, furthermore, also acquire the tools needed to hit the ground running with your new profile. For this reason, we provide a FREE How-To Guide for LinkedIn for all clients.

Our knowledge is your knowledge. LinkedInBuilder's free guide helps transfer essential industry information directly to you – unifying your brand and best leveraging LinkedIn to your professional advantage.

What are some of the changes you will be implementing?

  • Keyword Optimization: Your professional writer will integrate phrasing and essential language to effectively grab the attention of recruiters.

  • Content and Tone Adjustment: Your LinkedIn should be a distinct entity from your resume. Show recruiters and networking professionals that you have the creativity and drive to continually and uniquely redevelop your brand. Our writers will help you actualize this distinction.

  • Skills and Descriptions: Is your profile falling short of representing your true potential? You only get one shot with most of the professionals reviewing your profile, don't waste it! We'll help create compelling depth to your descriptions while ensuring such content is concise and adjusted to LinkedIn's unique atmosphere.

  • So Much More: Our professional writing team will amp up your LinkedIn rating, illuminate areas to increase your networking potential, leverage information you may have considered non-essential, and generally develop a profile that shows the BIG picture regarding why your professional background is so important. Lets emphasize those accomplishments, get you involved in LinkedIn Groups, garner those recommendations, and work to get the most network-optimized profile possible!

What is your turnaround time?

We will provide expeditious delivery of your LinkedIn service, submitting this project within 5-7 business days.

How will I receive the completed LinkedIn profile?

Your completed LinkedIn profile will be provided via e-mail. We provide fast delivery as well as straightforward instructions to help you transfer this professional-caliber content easily into your profile.

Do I need to provide my LinkedIn login credentials?

We won't compromise your safety or privacy by accessing your account (and we suggest you stay cautious of any organization that provides such service!) Our expertly crafted content is all submitted via e-mail, ensuring expeditious ability for transfer to your profile.

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